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Your Clients Need to Write Their Legacy Letter…and They Know It.

Your Clients Need to Write Their Legacy Letter…and They Know It.

Either at a conscious level or subconscious they know their words have a MAJOR IMPACT on their children.

When you put it on paper it spells it out so clearly how they feel about them, what their family values are, and any wisdom they might have.

They want their children to do well, to reach their full potential, and love them so much…

So why haven’t they already written their letter?

It’s overwhelming. Where do you start? They are busy. They’ll get to it tomorrow.

It’s like knowing you need to eat healthier but never getting started because there are so many different diets, so many philosophies on eating healthy, etc.

But a health coach can make all the difference in the world. They can provide a plan and give you the confidence that you are doing the right thing.

That’s where you come in.

You can provide them with a coach to help them actually get started, walk them through the entire letter, and then actually finish it.

The truth is…all of your clients needed to have finished their letter yesterday.

And they know it.

They will be forever grateful for whoever can help them get over the hump and finish the letter

That can be you.

And it makes sense that it should be you.

You are the one that is coming alongside them to help them think through their personal, family, and life goals.

As you provide this resource to your clients your relationship will go to the next level…

You can ask questions like:

“What are a few things that you want your children to know?”

“How do you think your children will receive this letter?”

“What was your relationship like with your parents?”

Then just listen.

No one else is asking them these questions.

As they talk and you listen, your bond will become tighter and tighter…as it should.

You will be the trusted partner in their life they need.

I’m excited for you. I’m excited for your clients. I’m excited for their children to read their letter.


Want to know what this would look like to provide this for your clients?

Send me a message. Jump on my calendar. Let's talk!

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