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Yesterday was my birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday (thanks for all the birthday wishes) and I know what I want! : )

It's going to involve a little work on your part. You are going to feel overwhelmed and you might feel like you are too busy at the moment...but it will be so worth it.

When my dad did this for me, he was just as busy as any one of us right now. He was a hospital administrator, a football referee, he was involved in our church and leading a Sunday school class, etc and still made time to do it...

..and I'm so glad he did. It changed my life!

So what is it that my dad did and now I'm asking you to do for my birthday...

For you to write your children a Legacy Letter. : )

I know it's an unusual ask but it's my life's mission to help parents write this letter!

What's a Legacy Letter? It's a letter to your children communicating your feelings and values and it will help them be confident, successful individuals.

This letter is guaranteed to strengthen your relationship and make you a better parent and person.

What if my children are too young?


What is my children are too old?


Now if you're like me a few years ago, you don't know where to start and it might feel overwhelming.

I was starting at a blank sheet of paper wondering "What am I going to write?!"

And that's one reason why I created the Legacy Letter Challenge.

I created a process to simplify the letter and make sure all the good stuff is in it!

There's not a person on this planet who does not want this letter from their dad or mom...that includes your children. : )

This will be the best letter you've ever written and you'll feel amazing when you finish!

We're on a mission to help 1 million dads and moms write at least one well written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter.

I'd love for you to consider joining me on this mission by writing your letter.

A great first step is to join the Introductory Workshop. During this time I'll go through each section of the letter and give you the why and how.

I will be leading parents in this workshop every week this fall. Just sign up and decide which time you want!

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