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We all want to be great dads...

My 1 year old Brooks

I just got off a zoom meeting that I was leading with about 25 dads. It was our first session of the Legacy Letter Challenge which includes the first 3 steps of 10.

All the dads on the call come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences. Some are military guys, some retired MLB players, company presidents, corporate executives, etc. Some grew up with great dads and others not so much.

There is one thing that we all have in common though. We all want to be great dads. None of us want to get to our last day on this earth and wish that we had invested more in what matters most…our family.

Today I shared with them 9 reasons why this letter to their children matters. Here are 3 of them…

1. You never know when your last day on this planet is. My dad did not know on May 23, 2003 while we were on a vacation in Hawaii that was going to be his last day. We’ve got to get something written down.

2. Your words and your voice matters. Despite what the culture says about the importance of dads, your words are some of the most powerful words in the entire world. Your children need them.

And when you put those words on paper you increase the impact and you make them lasting.

3. This letter is for your children but WE ALL benefit from you being a good intentional father. Sadly, many do not have a good father or even know their father. The world is counting on the good dads to be even better dads.

This group of dads are excited for the coming sessions, the challenge of writing their letter, and the impact it will have on their family. I received several messages from the dads as soon as it ended…”awesome stuff” “thanks Blake” “really good stuff” “appreciate your story”.

It’s truly my privilege to help these great dads write a great letter and leave a great legacy. What an honor.

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