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This invite is not for everyone...

This invite is not for everyone...

Are you in the Tulsa area and are you an entrepreneur or considering being an entrepreneur?

I'm teaming up with a great organization called Faith Driven Entrepreneur.

For the next 8 weeks men and women from all over the country will meet in small groups to go through their Foundation Study.

I have signed up to lead one right here in Tulsa and if you are reading this I'd love for you to consider joining us! It will be great to connect with other men and women in our area.

Here is the description of the group:

One hour a week for 8 weeks you will connect with a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs to walk through the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Study and discuss what it means to embrace your call to create and fulfill God’s purpose for your life and work. The study features video stories of real life entrepreneurs and goes deep into the Marks of a Faith Driven Entrepreneur with Christian entrepreneur Henry Kaestner and author and pastor JD Greear.

Stepping into the entrepreneurial venture God has drawn you to requires faith and a group of allies who have your back. Together, find out what it looks like to take a leap, trust God along the way, and let you faith lead your business.

Our group is starting tomorrow Wednesday June 29th at 8 am at Gibraltar Capital Management.

Only 20 spots...

Register Here...

If you know an entrepreneur, please forward this post to them! : )

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