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The Backstory of Signing with my Literary Agent

Exciting News!

God is doing a lot behind the scenes right now and I can't share them all but I can share this exciting piece of news...I have signed a deal with a literary agent!

@blythe.daniel is excellent at what she does and is going to help me to get my book published.

Here's the back story...

For over a year now the idea of writing a book has been on my mind. As I've done interviews and told my story people continue to ask "When is your book coming out?"

My answer is day. I'm too busy right now!

Then @craigdomann invites me to speak out in Colorado Springs back in July. Our mutual friend Anthony Trucks is there.

As Anthony and I are hanging out, he keeps riding me about writing my book. I gave him the all of excuses but he wasn't accepting any of them. "You've just got to do it."

I get back on the plane to come home and all I can think about is writing my book. How am I going to do this? I've never written a book. How long is this going to take? Etc.

I take my seat.

One thing you should know about me.. if you sit next to me on a plane, you'll for sure get a "how are you doing today" and a "where are you headed?" Your answers (and the tone of your voice ) will determine what happens next. : )

The person sitting next to me tells me she's headed to a writers conference and that she's a book agent.

Oh shoot. Of all the people to be sitting next to on this plane

"What is God doing here?!"

This person then tells she has worked with Michael Hyatt at Thomas Nelson and John Eldredge with Wild at Heart. All people I'm familiar with. I tell her my story, show her my website, and lets just say the rest is history.

This past month we've continued to dialog over what it would like to work together and today I'm proud and excited to say that I signed Blythe to be my literary agent.

Over the next few months I'll get the book ironed out (with Blythe's help) and then the process of pitching to publishers begins.

God is good!

I'm going to need a lot of help with this! If you are up for it, I'd love for you to join my book list!

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