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Steve, can I tell them you are for it?

Steve, can I tell them you are for it?


Steve Largent is an NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver who spent all 14 years of his NFL career with the Seattle Seahawks.

Today I was in his living room here in Tulsa.

I learned that more than being a football player or politician (he was a US Representative for 8 years), Steve cares deeply about his family, his children, and grandchildren.

As the afternoon went on, we swapped stories from our childhoods and even discussed our own fathers.

I learned that Steve's dad left when he was 6 and he didn't see him again until he was a senior in high school.

"Steve, despite not having a good example for a father, how'd you become a great father?"

His answer: "When Terry and I had our first son we had long conversations about the type of parents we wanted to be and what we wanted for our family. I had also become a Christian so that influenced me to be a good dad."

I meet many great dads, like Steve, who have taken it upon themselves to be the change for their family tree. And it's amazing to see because I know it's not easy.

But I knew there was more to the story and there was...Steve's high school sweetheart and life partner Terry. I knew by the way he talked about Terry there was something special about her and it was confirmed when she came home from running her errands. Terry's awesome!

Steve was excited to hear what God is doing with the Legacy Letter Challenge and said... "It makes so much sense, I'm so glad you are doing this!"

I finished my afternoon with Steve by asking him for a picture and with a smile asked the question:

"So if someone asks me what Steve thinks about the Legacy Letter Challenge, I can tell them you are for it?"

"Absolutely...tell them I'm all for it!"

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