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*New Partnership*

*New Partnership*

The Legacy Letter Challenge is excited to announce a new partnership with Breton Williams and First Wealth Financial Group.

Breton purchased the “Client Package” which gives him the ability to provide the Legacy Letter Challenge course to all of his clients.

Breton will be provided a custom landing for his clients that includes his picture, logo, custom welcome video, and coupon code unique to his clients.

His clients will then be able to login and be guided through the 10 steps to writing their Legacy Letter, the most important letter they will ever write.

This process will help them communicate their heart and feelings to their children as well as include all of the words that a person wants and needs to hear from their dad and their mom.

Thankfully, when my father drowned when I was 19 years old he had good life insurance that allowed us to continue to live our lives. I’m grateful that my father had good life insurance, but I’m just as grateful that my dad wrote us a letter. That letter changed my life.

I am excited to help Breton’s clients get down on paper exactly how they feel about their children as well as some great advice to help them navigate life. This letter will be priceless for their families.

Most advisors, like Breton, care deeply about the families they serve. Breton will now get the joy of SHOWING his clients how much he actually does care.

Breton's clients will forever be grateful to him for providing the help they needed to write the most important letter they will ever write.

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