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New Endorsement: Ken Canfield

I was confident but also I have to admit I was a little nervous. What would he think?


Last month I was leading a group of great dads through the Legacy Letter Challenge. We were meeting on zoom for 4 straight weeks.

In the recent months I had the privilege of meeting Ken Canfield.

Ken is the founder and president of the National Center for Fathering and is behind

He has written 12 books on fathering and has every research paper ever written on fatherhood in his office.

Let's just say Ken is the expert of all experts on fathering!

Last month, Ken and I were speaking on the phone and without planning on it, I blurted out... "Ken would you want to join a group of dads for the next 4 weeks and go through the Legacy Letter Challenge...

and he said YES!

So there I was, looking at all of these dads on my zoom screen...along with Ken Canfield...the expert of all experts.

I wondered...What is Ken thinking of everything I'm saying?

I did what I always do...I gave it my all. I brought it.

Here's what I learned about Ken during those 4 weeks. He's the most humble guy you could meet.

He could have easily schooled me on everything I was teaching.

But that's not what he did.

He participated like everyone else...and when appropriate, he added to the things he was saying.

Then after the 3rd session, three weeks later, he said to me on a phone call what I was hoping to hear...but only better.

"Blake I wouldn't change anything you are doing. This is terrific."


Coming from Ken Canfield, this was the best compliment I could have received. Thinking back to where I started and where I am now...this was so affirming to hear.

A few weeks later Ken gave me his official endorsement.

Of course I'm proud of it. Of course I have to share it.

God is good.


"Blake has gathered some of the tried tested insights from letter writing that I have used over the past 32 years, working with men in prison to those at the highest political and corporate levels...

but what makes Blake unique is that he has honed and focused those insights into a course that helps dads as they leave a legacy.

Blake's personal testimony not only validates this approach but it will give you a boost as a father.

I heartily endorse his program and work."

Ken Canfield

President & Founder

National Center for Fathering

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