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It's August and school is around the corner.

It's August and school is around the corner.

As you think back to your school days, which year was your worst? Which year were you the most insecure?

For me it was 7th grade. I had moved up from elementary to middle school… there were lots of new people that already seemed to be great friends and I was on the outside. Also my body was changing…but slower than everyone else’s! It felt like all of the guys (except me) had a bush under their arm! I was late to the game!

To say I was "insecure" was an understatement. I had zero confidence going into school each day.

If you could fast forward to May 2023, what will you be saying about your child’s school year?

Are they prepared?

- On a scale of 1-10 how much confidence do they have?

- Do they have the confidence in their sport to really go for it and achieve their full potential?

- When they struggle in their school work, will they persevere or give up?

- If a bully starts verbally attacking them, will it rock their world or will it be like water off a duck’s back?

- If someone offers them something not good, can they stand up to the peer pressure and say no?

- Will they be more influenced by the 3+ million social media influencers fighting for their attention OR will you be the #1 influencer in their life?

A few months ago I helped a dad write a powerful letter to his daughter that was heading off to West Point. Graduating from West Point himself, he knew how difficult it would be, especially in the first few months.

He believes in her, is so proud of her, and wanted to put on paper the encouraging words he knew she would need.

On the plane last month she read her dad's letter. She cried.

"Dad, that was exactly what I needed."

Does she have a dad that loves her?? There’s not a doubt in her mind! She's a little over a month in and doing great.

Do you want your children to succeed this year? (Of course you do, we all do)

Are you wondering what you can do to help them, to encourage them, to give them confidence, and to influence them?

Write them a Legacy Letter.

A Legacy Letter is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. A Legacy Letter communicates the words and affirmation that your children need to hear that will bring them confidence this next school year.

My dad believed that. I believe that. My life would not be the same without his letter.

Does it feel overwhelming to write a letter? You’re not alone and that’s why I help parents like you.

This August we have multiple 1 hour live workshops via zoom each week where I’ll teach you everything you need to put into your letter so that it will have the impact that you want it to have…today and forever.

The workshop is only $37. Join us! It's for dads and moms!

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