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I appreciate these people this month!

Our mission to help 1 million dads and moms write at least 1 Legacy Letter to their children will be accomplished with a lot of hard work and lot of help.

There's not a day goes by - even in the midst of really hard days - that I don't think "It's worth it."

From the very beginning there's always been a lot of people that have believed in this mission and have come along side me to help the dads and moms in their life write a Legacy Letter.

I want to use this post thank some key people in the last month that joined in on this mission in various ways. I love having you on the team! We're just getting started!

Pete Bush, CFP®

Dr. Andy Garrett

Kenny Brown Jr.

James Reid - "J.R."

Katie Cress

Claire Akin, MBA

Richard Riva

Michael Walker

Justen Traweek

Debbie Stumps

Kristin Afelumo, CDFA®

Julie Chin

Weston Poulos, CFP®

Russel Betts

Drew Alders

Ryan Mayfield

Jordan Earles, WMCP®

Taylor FitzGibbon, AAMS™

Daniel Lengyel

David DeCelle

Jeff Rogers

Hector Elizondo, Jr., CFP®

Kim Dinelli

Lacey Shirley

Randy Black, CFP®

Allen Lindsey

Jake Weatherford, MBA, CFP ®️

Kelly Hunt

Kendall King, CFP®, AEP®

Debbie Knight

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