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Granny's Words and My Marriage

Last night - in a moment of stress - I said a few things to my wife that I instantly regretted. An hour later, my Granny whispered into my ear "Go apologize" and I'm so glad she did.

My dad's mom - Granny - was one of the strongest, wisest, encouraging, and loving women I've ever known.

She died 4 years ago.

Here's what happened.

This past Sunday night, in the middle of my brain going 100 different directions as I thought about all of the things I needed to get done before Labor Day, my wife simply asked my opinion on something in our closet.

Instead of a simple yes or no...I went into "verbal attack mode" and let my opinions rip.

If you've ever seen a dog bark at a passerby...that was me.

After I "got her", I moved onto other items in our closet to "bark at" and "give my opinion" on.

She stormed out and I didn't blame her.

What just happened I thought to my self? Why did I go off like that?

That wasn't right and I knew it.

I went upstairs into my office, sat in front of the computer, focused on work, and tried to forget what just happened.

An hour passed by and right as I was about to walk downstairs, I picked up a letter from my Granny. I had placed it on my desk earlier in the week.

She sent this letter to me on my birthday about 10 years ago. She often wrote me letters, at least 1 or 2 a year. (I think I know where my Dad got the idea for a letter!)

In this particular letter she recounted some of her favorite memories of me growing up. It was just a flood of emotion reading it.

She then "GOT ME" when she closed this letter with this line...

"Your love for Amanda will probably always be my best memory. To watch you grow into a fine Christian man and marry a lovely Christian girl is all a Grandmother could ever ask for."

The hairs stood up on the back on my neck.

It was as if my grandmother was whispering in my ear at that exact moment "Go apologize to the woman you love, and be the fine Christian husband that I believe you to be."

I had no choice. I couldn't let my Granny down. I had to do the right thing.

This was no easy job for me...I'd almost rather have a poison ivy rash than to have to admit I messed up!

I found her.

I immediately felt some tension in my I just kept walking by.

After a stop at the refrigerator I circled back...sweaty palms and all.

My flesh wanted to apologize like a little kid... mumbling 'I'm sorry" in the teeniest voice possible.

But then I remembered my Granny's words in the letter. I knew I had to do better and so I did.

I gave it my best my all.

And it felt good!

My wife accepted my apology with grace and we were reconciled.

Thank you Granny.

Thank you for your words. Thank you for your influence in my life. Thank you for making me a better person and husband.

Thank you for writing me a letter.

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