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Do You Need A Father’s Day Gift for That Special Dad In Your Life?

Do You Need A Father’s Day Gift for That Special Dad In Your Life?

The Legacy Letter Challenge Masterclass is perfect for your dad, your husband, your son, your friends, or anyone you know that is a dad.

The truth is, every dad needs to have written this letter yesterday. The research shows that when a dad gives the words that we’ll help him write, his children will be more successful, have more emotional intelligence, and have a better chance of reaching their full potential.

That’s the reason your dad wants to write this letter...because he loves his children.

The greatest quarterback of all time - Tom Brady - is so great because he has help. He has a quarterback coach for on the field AND also a fitness coach to help him be healthy. Tom Brady is not as successful without help.

Think of dad as Tom Brady. He’s already amazing…but with a little help writing this letter he can be even more amazing! : )

Could they write this letter on their own? Yes, for sure.

But for lots of good reasons, most don’t (or they would have already).

Our goal is to help them start it, finish it, and to write a better letter than what they would have on their own. (We actually guarantee it or money back!)


Here’s what dads who’ve written their letter are saying…

"This was the most powerful experience I've gone through as a Dad." - James

"This is one of the best things I have ever done in my life." - Dan

"This process has had a huge impact on my life. I just read the letters to both of my children and I have never seen them look at me this way. It was incredible. Thank you, Blake!" - Clay

"It just makes so much sense. And to have a blueprint to write this letter is priceless. I'm being the dad to my children that my dad wasn't for me." - Anthony


I love reading what dads write. These dads are not professional writers, they just love their kids.

Could you imagine if you had this from your dad? Can you imagine if your kids had this?

"I loved you from the moment we locked eyes about 30-seconds after you were born, and I’ll love you just as deeply for eternity – unconditionally. That means through ups and downs, wins and losses, triumphs and failures. That love never changes. I hope you’ve always known that."



"You make me so proud. Before you I had no idea a 5-year-old could have so much love and compassion. I remember all the times your sister said she was afraid of the dark or a storm. Your response was always, “it’s ok, I’ll take care of you.” At night, when we would pray, you would pray for me, your mother, your teachers and friends. Even Savannah the cat. You had so much love for others at such a young age. Nothing on earth could make me prouder as a father."



You can purchase this gift at legacyletterchallenge . com

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