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5 Reasons Your Family Needs You to Write Your Legacy Letter

Dads, you have a gift to give, and the gift is YOU!

Writing a Legacy Letter is a non negotiable.

My dad's letter changed my life.

Your family needs you to write this letter.

Here's why. 🧵

1. This letter will last even when you are gone.

You don't know when your last day on the planet is going to be.

No one does.

We must have something written down for our children before that day comes.

My dad did not know that his last breath would be on May 23, 2003 while on a family vacation in Hawaii.

My father drowned while were snorkeling together.

I tried to save him but I wasn't able to.

Hours after his death, back in the condo, I discovered a letter in his briefcase that he was going to give me on the trip.

He wrote it having no idea he was about it die.

It was everything I needed in that moment...and every moment since.

My dad's letter saved me.

2. This letter will help your children win the daily Battle of the Mind.

This letter is not for when you die. It's for now.

Everyday, there is a war going on for the heart, the soul, and the minds of our children.

This has been true for all of human history.

But it's different now.

For most of human history, the family and local community were the #1 influence in a child's life.

Not anymore.

W/ the rise of social media, our children have more people fighting to influence them than ever before in history.

There are 3+ million social media influencers.

I'm sure some are nice people. But some aren't.

Either way, our kids need us to be the #1 influence in their life.

Our children need our voice guiding them through life and helping them know who they are, not some bozo who does not even close to sharing our family values.

Articulating our thoughts, our feelings, and our values on paper will help us be the #1 influence in their life.

3. This letter will make it very clear your values and what's most important to you.

When I read my dad's letter hours after he died, there was nothing in there that made me think,

"Oh wow, I didn't know dad felt that way."

But it solidified everything that he did believe in.

We verbally communicate a lot to our children.

Some of it great, some of it just good, and some words that we'd take back if we could.

A letter makes it crystal clear what's most important.

And if my children ever have a doubting thought..

"Does my dad really believe in me?"

"Does he really love me?'

"Is this value really that important?"

Yes! It's right here in the letter.

4. This letter will help your children be more confident in life.

Confidence is KING.

Confident People = Successful People

Confident people...

Are more resilient

Have better emotional health,

Make better decisions,

Have better relationships,

Taking healthy risks,

Do better in their job,

Can bounce back from a failure,

Take constructive criticism,

Inspire confidence in others,

Have better friendships,

and more people like being around a confident person.

Your words have the power like no one else that can bring the confidence they need...

When it's the right words.

And when the right words are put on paper...


5. This letter will make you a better dad and a better person.

Dads write this letter for the benefit of their children.

But the person who feels the most immediate impact of your letter is YOU.

This letter becomes a guiding north star as you lead, serve, and love your family.

The writing process will solidify what you want to be true of your family.

It will expand your vision.

When you know what you want to be true, your mind works backwards to achieve it.

You will find yourself "living out your Legacy Letter".

And that's a good thing.

And when you get better, who else benefits from that?

Everyone in your life.

Your wife, your children, the people you work with, your clients, your neighbors, your church, etc.

But writing this letter is not easy.

(which is why most dads can't even get started)

We've simplified the process.

We'll make sure you get all the right words that you want to express and the words your children NEED from you.

And most important...make sure you finish.

We're on a mission to help 1 million dads write at least 1 well written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter.

It's the best letter you will ever write.

So many great dads have written and given their letter this year.

Join us.

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